We add value

We advance to organizations by developing innovative technology services.

We value people

Knowing that our first asset is the people, working to create the best conditions for their development and involvement.

Connecting needs and solutions

We serve as a bridge between the markets in which we operate and best technological solutions that meet their demands.

We build solutions from innovative ideas

We believe in good ideas and we translate them into quality software products.

Technology-based company, founded in 2007 and focused on the provision of value in the area of Information Technology and Communications.

Its headquarters are located in Canary Islands (Spain), it also provides services in South Africa, under agreements with technology companies in the country, to which supports in the definition and development of e-Government projects.

Business lines

ICT consulting, development and implementation of information systems

Through our Consulting Services, Analysis, Development, Implementation and Maintenance of custom information systems, we support our customers in achieving their technology challenges.

The experience gained during the years of existence of the company, have generated a "know-how" of transverse both technological and project management strategies that ensure quality developments in the wider range of technologies, which include Android, iOS, GWT, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Angular, PHP, Node.js, J2EE, LifeRay, Tibco AMX, Oracle, MySQL...

To ensure the highest quality and in accordance with customer requirements, applying Naxiu SCRUM methodology within a framework of total quality management, inspired by ISO9001 and ITIL.


In addition to the baggage acquired over the years, making a stable technological and methodological base, Naxiu commitment to innovative ideas and supports new business proposals and related technology start-ups.

"Think-out-of-the-box" finds its space in Naxiu, where they have room projects as diverse as Nu Clinics, Armiga Project, Gamehab or Seiku.

Innovation and promoting knowledge

In line with the promotion of new entrepreneurial proposals, Naxiu is actively involved in the definition of innovation projects, managing the full cycle of value creation, from conception to implementation and possible justification, through the search for funding, both public and private.

Smart Document Management

NAXIU is partner of Athento, Spanish leader in Document Management Systems.

Relying on a product of trustworthiness, we implemented our clients intelligent document management systems by parameterizing custom projects that respond to the organization and rationalization of their document assets.

For the deployment of these services, we have experts in document management and IT Consultants.


We understand outsourcing as a support service to our clients in which we act as technology partners to collaborate in achieving their business goals.

This is provide them value by optimizing their costs, for which we assign dedicated resources and we offer our knowledge and methodologies.

Close contact with the Canarian universities and an extensive program of tutoring students allows Naxiu having quick access to all kind of profiles.


With offices in major cities of South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban; Dynatech offers innovative e-government solutions to the South African government. Website: dynatech.co.za

Athento incorporates intelligent technologies to cover all stages of the life cycle of documents. With Athento, companies can improve their capture processes and document management, as well as managing their archive. Some companies already working with Athento are: Leroy Merlin, Traffic Department of Spain, Grupo Dia, among others. Website: athento.com


We operate between the Canary Islands, Malaga and Johannesburg. The best way to contact us is .

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